Monday, September 24, 2018


When fans recite their personal 'Greatest Star Trek Episodes of All Time' lists Voyager has a noticeable tendency to get short shrift. But is that really fair, considering the amount of genuine quality contained within its respectable seven season run? This week hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton are chasing coffee through nebulas as they celebrate their all-time favorite hours with the stranded crew, and attempt to nail down - through passionate debate and agonized decision-making - which single entry is the definitive Voyager story. With iconic two-parters like Scorpion and Year of Hell facing off against powerhouses both dramatic (Blink of an Eye, Timeless) and comedic (Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy, Message in a Bottle) there are boundless options to consider as the duo boldly strive to champion the very best the Delta Quadrant has to offer! 

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Join us next week as we bid  farewell to Deep Space Nine with What You Leave Behind! 

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