Wednesday, September 12, 2018


After 52 years and six series it's pretty safe to say there isn't a whole lot of mystery left regarding the daily life of a senior Starfleet officer. But what about the lowly ensigns; the newbies whose daily survival and success depends on the seasoned braintrust running the ship or station? This week hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton remove a few pips from their uniforms in order to hang out on the lower decks and determine which beloved junior officers have the right stuff. Beginning with critical breakdowns of TNG's Lower Decks and Voyager's The Good Shepherd, the duo segue into an elimination round extravaganza pitting these eager fresh-faced hopefuls against each other in order to determine who reigns supreme and deserves a major promotion! From iconic faves like Wesley Crusher, Pavel Chekov, Hoshi Sato and Harry Kim to memorable guest stars Sito Jaxa and Taurik, there's no shortage of options and plenty of fun-filled debate to be had!

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