Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Roughly a year ago we examined the franchise's most tragically short-lived characters, but what about those who just arrived late to the party? This week half-shaven hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton race frantically to their microphones in order to roll-call the most significant show-altering afterthought additions to Trek-dom. From TOS's mop-topped Russian heartthrob, to no-nonsense TNG players Dr. Katherine Pulaski and Ensign Ro Laren, and attention-grabbing fourth season all-stars Worf and Seven of Nine, the duo Chekov check off all the unforgettable names that helped change up their respective corners of Roddenberry's universe. Plus, as an added bonus, Cam reviews the third issue of IDW's four-part The Light of Kahless comic-book arc.

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Join us next week as we pinpoint the key quality turning points for each Trek series.

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