Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Next Gen's new uniforms. Sisko's shaved head. The introduction of Seven of Nine. For many, these iconic milestones marked the point when their respective series truly hit warp 10. But if you were to highlight your own personal signpost episodes, indicating a developing show's transformation into a confident must-see, which ones would you pick? This week hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton, fresh from smashing a champagne bottle on the Defiant, sit down to debate the most significant transition chapters in each Trek series. From the emergence of the Romulans, to intense Xindi drama, the duo celebrate the TV hours that left an unforgettable impact on their beloved franchise. They also debate whether Discovery has reached its turning point yet...

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Roughly a year ago we examined the franchise's most tragically short-lived characters, but what about those who just arrived late to the party? This week half-shaven hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton race frantically to their microphones in order to roll-call the most significant show-altering afterthought additions to Trek-dom. From TOS's mop-topped Russian heartthrob, to no-nonsense TNG players Dr. Katherine Pulaski and Ensign Ro Laren, and attention-grabbing fourth season all-stars Worf and Seven of Nine, the duo Chekov check off all the unforgettable names that helped change up their respective corners of Roddenberry's universe. Plus, as an added bonus, Cam reviews the third issue of IDW's four-part The Light of Kahless comic-book arc.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Back in the 1990 Star Trek: The Next Generation unleashed a massive shockwave with its now iconic season 3 finale Best of Both Worlds Pt. 1. The huge success of that episode, and it's fourth season conclusion, established a high water mark the various series have attempted to replicate ever since. This week hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton, along with special guest Dale Deruiter of the Outrage Factory podcast, weigh the pros and cons of making a deal with the devil while revisiting Scorpion, Voyager's most obvious attempt to recapture the magic of the legendary Locutus saga. Bringing the Borg back in a big, bad way, as well as ushering in an all-new unstoppable adversary, the two-parter also introduces 7 of 9, sets up the departure of Kes and pits Janeway against Chakotay in a tense debate over the fate of the crew. Listen in as the trio discuss all of these key points, as well as consider the merits of television-grade CG, struggle to determine the show's most disposable character and toss out nerdy 90's references.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Trek fans have long joked about the franchise's lengthy catalogue of renegade admirals and off-the-rails captains. But who among the many most egregiously exploited or perverted Starfleet values to pursue their own end? This week hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton sip from their "World's Worst Employee" mugs while pitting the organization's most notorious names against each other in a grand tournament of workplace ineptitude. From high-ranking figures like The Pegasus's Admiral Pressman, Discovery's Mirror Universe imposter captain and dastardly Delta Quadrant survivalist Rudy Ransom, to lowly cadet louses Nick Locarno and Riley Shepard, there's definitely no shortage of candidates to choose from! So tune in as the duo strive, through an intense process of elimination, to crown the biggest loser of the woeful bunch.

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