Thursday, October 27, 2016


Successful horror storytelling usually depends on keeping the audience in the dark and preying on their fear of the unknown. So how exactly does that translate to science fiction where everything requires logical explanation? This week, for their third annual Halloween podcast extravaganza, ghastly and ghoulish hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton gather around their imaginary campfire to recoil at the franchise's most creepy supernatural-themed episode entries and answer that very question. From the legendary Catspaw to the famed Haunting of Deck 12, the duo attempt to determine just how successful Trek has historically been at hitting the right chill-inducing primal chords. Plus, as an added bonus, special guests Stefan Estonilo, Kim MacInnis, Jesse Oquendo and Shelly Ross drop by to offer their recommendations for which terrifying episodes make for the best Halloween season viewing.

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