Thursday, October 22, 2015


Star Trek, bless its heart, doesn't have a spectacular track record when it comes to extended premieres. But does this hold true for what many consider the very best series? For this month's Two-Parter Throwback hosts Cam Smith, Tyler Orton and Benjamin Yong, along with returning guest Julia Dilworth, are travelling back to 1987 in order to take another exploratory spin around Farpoint on the inaugural journey of the ultra-slick Enterprise-D. Does the episode - which features not only the introduction of the new crew, but also the iconic Q - hold up as a solid sci-fi adventure? And how successful an introduction is it? For the answers to these burning these questions, as well as so many others, join in on this madcap audio journey filled with giant jellyfish romance, awkward Wesley hijinx, feelings of great joy and gratitude and, of course, bad Picard impressions!

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