Saturday, September 26, 2015


Since the groovy 19th century glory days of Mark Twain and H.G. Wells, popular fiction has thrived on stories in which protagonists journey to alternate time periods in search of romance, adventure and discovery. Given it's mission statement, how could Star Trek ever resist such an irresistible fount of creative inspiration? This week hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton channel their inner-Marty McFly and take a fast-paced tour through the franchise's many explorations of this classic sci-fi concept, and break down the six types of  time travel tales. From Kirk's tragic Depression-era romance, to Tasha Yar's tour aboard the Enterprise-C and Quark and company's madcap tour of Area 51, we uncover the many highs and lows that have occurred in the past fifty years of Trek temporal hijinx.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Now that we've completed our bold mission to revisit the Trek film series, it's time to embark on our next thrilling voyage: charting and analyzing the franchise's many very special two-part episode extravaganzas! For the first entry in this exciting endeavor, hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton, along with returning guest Jamie Davies, strive to evaluate the first ever double-length adventure, "The Menagerie" and determine how well the extended format works in its favor. Is it better than "The Cage?" Does the creative team pull off their 50% recycled footage gimmick? Are we poorer for never again being treated to a super-sized TOS small-screen adventure? Blink once for 'yes' and join the fun as we blast off on another critical survey expedition of Star Trek's fascinating past.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


One of the purest joys of being a Trek fan is playing pop-culture archaeologist and digging into the franchise's dense history for cool and/or odd-ball factoids. Well, this week's episode once again sees hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton diving into the nerdy abyss in order to outdo one another in a madcap contest to unveil the craziest behind-the-scenes trivia possible. Among the countless revelations contained within this aural cornucopia of buried gems, we reveal which early Enterprise episode was initially planned as a Gorn vehicle, several bizarre scrapped titles for classic Trek films, Voyager's alternate original premise and how close Ensign Ro came to being a far larger presence post-TNG. And, as an added value bonus, we close out the show by dropping some major bombshells about a much-discussed podcast-fave character. No joke.      

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Due to the accessible nature of crowd-funding, online streaming and affordable film production tools we now live in an age where any fan with the right crew and resources can make a Star Trek movie of their very own. But are the final products worth watching? This week hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton take a deep dive into this strange new world, and offer their thoughts on the latest highly-publicized effort, Star Trek: Renegades, as well as engage in a broader discussion on the merits, limitations and common flaws that frequently pop up in these creative endeavors. Over the course of an in-depth journey of discovery and occasional appreciation, they also touch upon AxanarOf Gods and Men and Star Trek Continues, and strive to make peace with the concept of non-canon entertainment.

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