Wednesday, July 1, 2015


When last we left the new crew at the end of J.J. Abram's 2009 reboot the pieces were firmly in place for a thrilling, adventurous and innovative sequel. But did the director and his team deliver? In our final Film Flashback installment, hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton, along with returning guest David Borys, dive into darkness with a critical re-examination of 2013's Khan-tastic follow-up. Is the picture, as fans at that summer's Vegas Con ruled, truly the worst Trek film of all time? Or are there enough redeeming qualities to push it into the 'good' column? And what do we make of its heavy use of homages, explosive action set-pieces and grim, timely themes? Find out as we hitch another ride on the Enterprise's cinematic warp trail and take on this highly controversial franchise entry!

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