Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Well, now that we've ranked all of the films, it must be about time to move on, right?! Wrong! This week hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton roll out the red carpet and throw the first (and only) Subbies Awards Show, honoring (and dishonoring) the best and worst in cinematic Trek. Villains, Lead Performances, Special Effects Sequences, Make-up, Direction, Musical Scores, Dialogue, Comedy, Enterprise Moments... We hit all the hot categories in this big, splashy wrap-up to our longtime exploration of the franchise's big screen adventures. This is one episode you don't want to miss, and definitely one we'd love to hear your feedback on. So enjoy and rest easy; this is one awards program that won't take up three or four hours of your life to wade through! You have our solemn vow.

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