Tuesday, February 17, 2015


When it was released in 1996, First Contact - unlike Generations - delivered what fans wanted: a fun time travel plot, plenty of series call-backs and the dreaded Borg. Grossing  a stellar $146-million dollars worldwide, it instantly became a top fan favorite. But how does the picture hold up almost 20 years later? In this month's bonus movie review episode, hosts Cam Smith, Tyler Orton and Benjamin Yong, along with special guest Adrian MacNair, toss on their metaphorical EV suits and steadfastly travel back into space, dodging deadly drones all the way, in a bold effort to assess the durability and skill of Jonathan Frakes' first big screen adventure. What they find may just surprise you. So crank up the Steppenwolf, toss back a few and blast off on another fun-filled Film Flashback! 

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