Monday, February 23, 2015


Sure, Trek loves to sell a straight and narrow future! But sometimes, just sometimes, Starfleet members - intentionally or unintentionally - reveal that they are totally down to party (if you get my drift). This week hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Ortonalong with returning guest Tony Geluch, chug beverages and celebrate those wonderfully slurry and/or trippy moments when characters found themselves utterly blitzed. From the intoxicating radiation of "The Naked Now," to mind-altering Risa video games, Ketracel White and those happy-happy plant spores that had Spock swinging from tree branches, there's no shortage of fun hazy memories to bliss out on. So chill out and live in the moment with us, dudes and dudettes!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


When it was released in 1996, First Contact - unlike Generations - delivered what fans wanted: a fun time travel plot, plenty of series call-backs and the dreaded Borg. Grossing  a stellar $146-million dollars worldwide, it instantly became a top fan favorite. But how does the picture hold up almost 20 years later? In this month's bonus movie review episode, hosts Cam Smith, Tyler Orton and Benjamin Yong, along with special guest Adrian MacNair, toss on their metaphorical EV suits and steadfastly travel back into space, dodging deadly drones all the way, in a bold effort to assess the durability and skill of Jonathan Frakes' first big screen adventure. What they find may just surprise you. So crank up the Steppenwolf, toss back a few and blast off on another fun-filled Film Flashback! 

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Monday, February 9, 2015


While it may be famed for it's rich philosophy, cerebral concepts and socially conscious messages, it's no secret that Trek  likes to take an occasional walk on the wild side. In this extra special Valentine's Day episode, hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton  embark on an amused expedition through the franchise's rich pantheon of titillating moments, and weigh in on how many of them manage to avoid being unintentionally comedic, or worse. From Ferengi ear massages and decontamination gel rubdowns, to Gothic candle erotica and soft core Vulcan massages, we cover all of the bases (pun intended)! So grab that special person in your life, click download, and make this a sexy holiday affair to remember.

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Monday, February 2, 2015


From Chaplin's the Kid, Shirley Temple, Opie and the Bowery Boys, to Cole Sear, Arya Stark and Harry Potter, Hollywood has a long, proud tradition of producing child characters who take the world by lovable storm. But how does Star Trek fare in this regard? This week hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton, along with returning guest Jarrah Hodge of Trekkie Feminist, dive into the franchise's long, storied past and separate the greats from the brats! Whether examining the troubles with Borg teens, or the merits of precocious Ferengi, we leave no stone unturned in a bold attempt to celebrate the most endearing pint-sized scene-stealers, and shudder at the little monsters who had us frantically clicking the 'mute' button on our remote control.

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