Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Ah, 2014... So many sweet, sweet memories... Heck, even we here at Subspace Transmissions aren't entirely immune to waxing poetic about the treasured tales of experiences had, and laughs shared. Thus, in this extra special year ending episode, hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton nostalgically count down the key moments that helped shape what this podcast has become. Throughout an assortment of amusing clips, featuring co-host Benjamin Yong, and stellar guests David Borys, Carmin Carotenuto, James Chesser, Tony Geluch, Scott Hardy & Jarrah Hodge, we flashback to hilarious conversations about classic show-favorite characters and episodes (fear not, Bareil fans, we gotcha covered!), and gaze optimistically into the bright, shining light of 2015. If ever there was a right way to ring in the New Year, this is it folks! Goofy hat and champagne optional.  

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Happy New Year all!

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