Sunday, August 3, 2014


In this energetically nerdy hour of speculative discussion hosts Cam Smith, Benjamin Yong and Tyler Orton gaze into their crystal ball and attempt to predict what the future holds for the franchise we all hold so dear. Will Trek convert to a 13-episode per season format? What's the likelihood of the show picking up where the Berman era ended? These tantalizing questions, among many others, are obsessively picked apart in order to determine the best possible course for artistic and commercial success. In addition, the crew offer up their own ideas as to what they'd like to see on the next itineration, as well as explain why the prospect of a Captain Worf spin-off isn't necessarily a good thing... So join us as we take a  brave step into the strange, alien world of the Hollywood TV industry and strive to make sense of it all for the betterment of Trek-kind.

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