Wednesday, July 23, 2014


As promised by Tyler in the opening of our BEST & WORST MUSICAL MOMENTS episode, here is the (almost*) complete collection of clips played during the show:

"Someone to Watch Over Me" - Robert Picardo, "Someone to Watch Over Me," VOYAGER

"Tuvok Pon Farr Opera" - Robert Picardo, "Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy," VOYAGER

"Instrument Smash" - LeVar Burton & Michael Dorn, "Qpid," THE NEXT GENERATION
"Enterprise Theme V.2" - Russell Watson, STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE

"Gene Roddenberry Birthday Greeting" - Patrick Stewart

"Picard and Daren Duet #2" - Patrick Stewart & Wendy Hughes, "Lessons," THE NEXT GENERATION

"Theme from STAR TREK: Disco Version" - Nichelle Nichols

"Star Trek Theme (Live)" - Nichelle Nichols
"HMS Pinafore" - Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner & Michael Dorn, STAR TREK: INSURRECTION
"The Way You Look Tonight" - James Darren, "All That You Leave Behind," DEEP SPACE NINE
"Fever" - Nana Visitor, "His Way," DEEP SPACE NINE
"Uhura's Song" - Nichelle Nichols, "Charlie X," STAR TREK
"Hey Out There" - Charles Napier & Mary Linda Rapelye, "The Way to Eden," STAR TREK
*Uhura's humming interlude from THE ANIMATED SERIES' "Once Upon a Planet," and Riker's first trombone performance in NEXT GENERATION's "11001001," could not be found online.

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