Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Remember how huge 2016 was for Star Trek, with the 50th anniversary and Beyond? Well, this year proved more exciting and momentous than fans likely ever dared dream, with the intense anticipation and spectacular unveiling of Discovery. The resulting renewed spark of optimism and life in the franchise helped make 2017 an unforgettable era for Subspace Transmissions, inspiring week-to-week coverage of a new series for the first time, and the development of other fun avenues for delving into Burnham and crew's ongoing adventures. Which of course brings us to this incredibly packed fourth annual retrospective, wherein hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton usher out the old with an in-depth discussion on their feelings regarding Trek in 2017, as well as forecast the potential gifts waiting in 2018. There's also plenty of highlights from the past 365 days, featuring cosmically cool guests Tom Ball, David BorysCarmin Carotenuto, Andy Chan, Dale Deruiter, Tony Geluch, Patrick Johnson, Geneva Orton, Vicki Siu and Janine Smith, involving penalty boxes, trout-fishing, Andorian 00-agents, surprise hologram characters, unlikely rowing instructors and so much more! Plus, as an added bonus, the duo offer their spoilery thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi and celebrate two of the year's biggest sci-fi movie triumphs.    

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Huge props to regular guest Jesse Oquendo for bringing Subspace mascot Greena to life in Vegas 2017!

Happy New Year all, and a sincere thanks to every single one of you who supported and/or contributed to this ongoing podcast adventure.

Join us in the first week of January as we kick-start another glorious year of Trek talk!

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