Thursday, December 22, 2016


So how does Subspace Transmissions possibly wrap up a year as momentous and exciting as 2016? A year in which we celebrated the franchise's 50th anniversary, hosted our first live Las Vegas panel and received fantastic feedback from so many of you? By going even bigger on our third annual year-end extravaganza, that's how! In this epic retrospective, hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton bid farewell and adieu to the recent past by recalling some of their favorite moments from the past 52 podcast episodes, as well as offering their feelings about Trek's 2016 achievements and future potential. Featuring stellar appearances by occasional co-host Benjamin Yong, and intergalactically great guests Andy Chan, Tony Geluch, Patrick Johnson, Geneva Orton and Vicki Siu, this fun-filled 90 mins sees the duo reminiscing about inappropriate Worf romances, Robert April controversies, Samuel Clemens silliness and so very much more. And make sure to stick around right to the bitter end as they unveil the sequel to the spoof song sensation Vedek Bareil (They Call Me)! What more could you possibly want?!

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Big thanks to Shelly Ross for the Las Vegas Con photos!

Happy New Year all, and a heartfelt thanks to everyone who listened, wrote in, tweeted and created Subspace fan art in 2016. Let's take 2017 to the limit and beyond!

Join us in the first week of January as we determine Trek's greatest year!

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