Wednesday, August 31, 2016


And now for something completely different! This week (Trill?) host with the most Cam Smith presides over the spectacular first annual Subspace Transmissions Klingon Bloodwine Games, pitting three Trek fans in a brutal battle of smarts, endurance and ingenuity. Recorded live in Las Vegas, the contest sees mighty competitors Tyler OrtonStefan Estonilo and Scott Hardy battling it out in three grueling trivia and creativity-based challenges engineered to test even the most formidable of super-fans. Who will emerge victorious? Only crafty ringleader Cam and mastermind scorekeeper James Chesser know, and they ain't talkin' so you best listen in on what will hopefully become a really fun new podcast tradition. Enjoy!

*Ultra special thanks to invaluable recurring guest David Borys for inspiring this event, and our audience members who brought so much good humor, enthusiasm and energy.

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Join us next week as we celebrate Trek's 50th anniversary!

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