Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Not all Trek episodes are created equal. And, with over 700 television hours in the can, it's safe to say there's a few wacky disasters in the bunch. This week hosts Cam Smith and Tyler Orton celebrate the most hilariously entertaining dumpster fires in franchise history. From Harry Kim's pervy alien caress-fest, to steamy Scottish candle love and the legendary search for Spock's grey matter, the duo valiantly strive to redeem some of Roddenberry's brainchild's most humiliating endeavors.

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Join us next week for Daddy Issues in the Final Frontier!

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  1. Hey losers, I was the one that commented about your giggling insistence on continuing your Vedek Bariel running gag. I didn't name myself "moderator". It was your form that assigned the name to me when I posted the comment. Am I the only one that has done so? I had no part in a conspiracy to boot you out of any forum, so quit being paranoid schmucks and just roll with it. Despite your schoolgirl humor, I've enjoyed your podcast, so keep it up. Excluding Bariel, of course.


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